Qualifying Our Students

We've already shown how our Build Seasons work, but do you know what we do during the rest of the year?

We call the period between the end of the competition until the launch of the new one the Off Season. We use these months to go after new sponsors, raise funds for the team and train our members to prepare for the next year. 

No ano de 2019 todas as áreas aproveitaram muito bem esse tempo para se aprimorar. Quer saber mais detalhes do que foi aprendido nas capacitações? Então, segue a leitura!


Marketing Courses


All our marketing students were veterans, so each turned what they learned and improved since joining the team into a workshop so that others could learn as well.

That led us to incredible workshops on:

  • Photography and film;
  • Video editing;
  • Web managing;
  • Design;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Writing and documenting; 
  • Translation;
  • Social media managing.
Team members during our Writing and documenting seminar.


Engineering Courses 


This area had just gained 10 new students who received months of training, from theory to practice.

During 12 weeks they participated in 4-day a week courses, including: 

  • 2 on CAD;
  • 1 on Electronics;
  • 1 on Mechanics.

They were introduced to Solidworks, and were able to familiarize themselves with the program. In the mechanics classes, they learned about the reduction boxes, methodologies on how to create an FRC robot, basic structures and rope systems. In the electronics course, the components themselves and their uses, operation, communication and power were first shown. Then they did a study on pneumatics and the step by step of assembling the electronics in the manual. 

After all the workshops, the students had then the challenge to put it all into practice and start a robot from scratch.

Engineering student teaching how to assemble parts in CAD.


Programming Courses


The area also held a selection process and 3 more people joined the team. During the process, the participants were taught about programming logic. Soon after that, those who joined the team were introduced to FRC programming and the world of FIRST.

Com isso, já estavam com o conhecimento necessário para programar o básico de um robô.  Então, os alunos passaram a OFF Season testando códigos e desenvolvendo rotinas para sistemas como elevador, tração e intake.

All of our training courses were open to every team member, so that everyone could get a chance to learn new things.

We always take the time to prepare ourselves and get super excited for the start of a new season, so to accompany us during this journey don’t forget to follow @frc5800 on our social media accounts and keep reading our updates here on our blog.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time! 😉 

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