A robotics team that cares about people innovation dreams fazer a diferença mudar o mundo teaching youth children

Robotics is simply a gateway for us to help transform and create the future generation of makers. The ones who are bound to change the world in the years to come.

Our Purpose

We dedicate ourselves to this project as we believe in a bright future for children not only in Brazil but throughout the entire globe. We hope that one day every young person out there will have space to feel confident and capable of following their dreams.

How we work

We are part of multiple projects such as “IFSC Itinerante”, which allowed us to bring seminars and workshops to multiple schools in our state, SEPEI, SNCT, among many others; in our seminars, we show that it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of STEAM areas to be a part of the activities we promote, all that is needed is the will to learn and to be involved.

What we do

In January all FRC teams learn the season’s challenge, which is broadcasted worldwide and then we have a period of six weeks to create our strategy, make our designs and then, build the season’s robot.

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