We are children, students, volunteers, owners, instigators, curious, patriots, and citizens. The team was founded back in August of 2015 by two young men who visioned a bright future for students who wished to be a part of such an interesting and different project that is the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The project aims to disseminate technology through robotics, not only within the team’s own community but to their entire country and perhaps even further; the information that high school students are able to build robots, work as professionals inside a team and participate of several projects outside their areas of knowledge should be made known as it shows each student’s professional, intellectual and social capacities.

Our purpose goes way beyond simply disseminating technology. We are students who care about instigating curiosity and knowledge. We do our best to contribute to the improvement of young people’s future; we’re students proving that there is knowing where there is search for knowledge, that there are dreams coming true where there’s determination to achieve them, that there are goals being reached where there’s will for them to be reached; we are only another team amongst thousands of others that share the same goals as us, but we are the only ones when it comes to what we want: to show that nothing is impossible when we use our will to learn new things as a fuel to achieve all of our dreams.

What keeps us going

We dedicate ourselves to this project as we believe in a bright future for children not only in Brazil but throughout the entire globe. We hope that one day every young person out there will have space to feel confident and capable of following their dreams. We aim to encourage each young person out there to trust their own intellect and to stimulate them through robotics.

 Through curiosity, we’ve discovered that all you need to achieve your goals is the will to learn; from the moment you learn that you are capable of achieving whatever you dream of, you start to build your steps to success, respecting each step and climbing them with hope and determination.

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